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Structuring An Ideal Travel Website – Part I

An Ideal Travel Website takes a lot of effort and particulars. It could not only be just a mere website portraying your travel agency or marketing destination, but the central medium of Marketing, Public Relations and even Operation. The Internet … Continue reading

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Like or Unlike using jQuery, PHP & MySQL

I had been working busily on a handful of projects for the past couple of months. Lately we had been developing a few with new functionalities, which ofcourse already exists. Our main focus is currently on web applications. This is … Continue reading

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Brand & Identity of Limopalm – A Detailed Description

Many have asked us the question, “What’s up with this colorful logo with a wheel inside?” So, have many asked, “What’s up with Limopalm? What language is it in?” We are always ready with the required answers but are never … Continue reading

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Usability: What Lies Behinds Your Website’s Success!

Usability is the excellent customer service and attention to detail when implied into Web Terms. Keeping your visitors, interacting with them and impressing them, all lies behind usability. When taken example in real life, Lets take restaurants as an example … Continue reading

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