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Days of Diligence & Events

The Past two months have indeed been a happening time for Limopalm. A series of events occurred which includes selective ones like my guest lecture at Maldives National University representing Limopalm, Majlis Watch launching and moving into a brand new … Continue reading

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Instagram: Limopalm In Pictures

All our mobile devices are Android except the iPad & Macs, ofcourse! Since Instagram have been released to Android the hype over here is enticing. Whenever we sight something interesting, it would be in Instagram in no time. Recently, we … Continue reading

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Maldivian Political Turmoil: The Role & Impact of Social Media

First of all, I would like to highlight that this post, is not in anyway related to any political affiliation and Limopalm is not affiliated with any political party or personality. We have Limopalmians with different political opinions, yet we … Continue reading

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Team Spirit: Strengthening Our Perceptions

It has only been a few weeks since I have written our last post about three years of coding & designing. Since than team spirit have been at its peak within our team and a new team member¬†Inash Zubair has … Continue reading

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Three Years: A Retrospective

Happy ¬†Birthday Limopalm! Three years have passed since the beginning of Limopalm and we feel so proud to be a part of it. Previous anniversaries have been very different from this year. On 2009, I remember very clearly like it … Continue reading

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The One Single Post of Multiple Events

Last few weeks have been quite hectic for us and than we had the Eid holidays which was indeed refreshing. We had to upload, complete & kick start a few of our projects and had a demanding, yet brisk time … Continue reading

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Copywriting: Our Thoughts & Experiences

Copywriting is one of the most integral phases of the development of your website. In fact, it is the bread and butter of many websites, and most of the time is set as a less priority by most of the … Continue reading

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Quality Comes With a Lot of Things!..

Like every other place on earth, Maldives has also got two types of Web Developers / Designers, those who are motivated by passion & those who are motivated by money. Of course we all know that money motivates everything, but … Continue reading

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Review & Launch: AtollHost, Web Hosting Service by Limopalm

AtollHost, one of the two most decorated products of Limopalm along with Coral CMS, gets its name from the atolls, which make ups most of Maldives. Like its name, AtollHost’s features and packages are specially designed to fit the needs … Continue reading

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Maldivian Startups – The Success Story

Years ago, when we talked about startups at Limopalm we got all excited, with ideas unlimited that we could implement. Startups were young and rare and a new word for us even, we thought we were the only people with … Continue reading

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