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Case Study: Ace Travels Maldives

Ace Travels Maldives, one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Maldives, approached Limopalm to build up their online presence in a an effective, dynamic & appealing way. They are a collaboration between Aitken Spence Travels & Inner Maldives Holidays

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Hoping For Technology…

We talk about our country’s economy & its growth day by day and yet avoid those little things that we could easily do to determine a large progress in the future. Still, the concept of making the rich richer is … Continue reading

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Celebrating Four Years of Coding & Creativity

It is the fourth year since we have been putting our varieties of creativity to the digital world as a leading web design agency in Maldives. Today we have achieved recognition as a leading and experienced digital design agency through … Continue reading

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We Need Responsive, Not Just Native!

We need Responsive, not just Native! The buzz about mobile devices outnumbering desktop devices is high over the Internet. We have been hearing it for days, and I believe that it would happen so. My say is not against Native … Continue reading

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Ramadan & The Release of Dhikr App

Before starting ahead, Ramadan Mubarak to everyone out there! Being a predominantly Muslim country, through out the history, Ramadan has been renowned as an exceptional period for all Maldivians. Whether it is Government or Private, all businesses and organizations reduce … Continue reading

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Instagram: Limopalm In Pictures

All our mobile devices are Android except the iPad & Macs, ofcourse! Since Instagram have been released to Android the hype over here is enticing. Whenever we sight something interesting, it would be in Instagram in no time. Recently, we … Continue reading

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Javascript in Modern Web Design

Almost in every website you can find a hint of JavaScript codes these days. First of all, what is JavaScript? JavaScript is a prototype based scripting language supporting object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles. It provides enhanced user interface and … Continue reading

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The Web Industry: Trends & Future of Mobile Web

Today, building websites is not just creating a few web pages and interlinking them. It comprises of a much more complex strategy which involves integration of numerous resources and modules to make it compatible to the current trend. Within these … Continue reading

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How Some of the Popular Tech Stuff Got Its Name

It’s interesting… How people invent names for stuff. We have over 3,000 languages spoken by nearly 6 billion people and I wonder about the amount of nouns there will be for all what we have got here on the earth. … Continue reading

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Maldives & Web: State, Growth & Future…

Maldives is one of the smallest countries on earth and a place that cannot even be distinguished on the World Map. But what we have got, is just more than enough, for we are blessed with one of the most … Continue reading

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