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Copywriting is one of the most integral phases of the development of your website. In fact, it is the bread and butter of many websites, and most of the time is set as a less priority by most of the clients. We sometimes do blame ourselves for less attended and poor content in a website, because we somehow missed pointing out how important it is to our clients.  A few of our nicely designed and functional websites rich in various features do not seem to be complete at all or even near satisfactory, since content has been missed out as a precedence.

First lets go into the detail of copywriting, according to Wikipedia; Copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. Relating it to Web Designing, it becomes the entire content, marketing look and PR of the business. For example, even right now I am copywriting for Limopalm! Blogging becomes one of the most effective and an important tool from which we could keep our information up to date and share our passion to the industry, clients & prospects which all becomes important stakeholders of our design firm.

Our image depends immensely on our copy. When you are reading this blog post, other posts or any other content in the website you would understand what type of impression I am trying to portray. I use a rather casual language but with a polite touch, trying to depict a friendly but a professional relationship.

A good copy is not only what you write on the web. It is also the logos, mission, vision and the entire identity of the firm. Thus, Branding becomes a vital element of copywriting. When the user views your web, he or she should be able to understand your brand through every work and every aspect of the website. A good copy reinforces your identity and is persuasive, concise and clear.

As the Lead Strategist of the firm, copywriting becomes one of my responsibilities.  I am the one who decides which content goes where and how much content is required for each area. During the planning and concept building stages, the strategy of the content gets decided, but the actual content is not! As web developers our main priority becomes building up a dynamic website. Later only do we realize that without quality content the website that we have developed becomes useless and unattractive. As a result proposing the full solution along with copywriting and data entry and understanding the client of how important it is became the ultimate solution.

I know I am not a certified copywriter and I would even accept the fact that better copies could be developed from a professional copywriter. But, rather than a freelance copywriter our clients prefer to handover the responsibility to us. Why? Because, in our development strategy we would be proceeding a lot of planning prior to the other phases, together with the client. During those planning stages, we come to acknowledge a lot of product knowledge of what the client is offering. Thus, they feel much confident if we are providing the service of copywriting and hence we become obliged to provide it, if required.

In our experiences, we really did a lot of mistakes by missing in pointing out the priorities of copywriting to our clients during the first few months.  Different clients have shown different amount of interest in website copy. But, thanks to those clients who we always appreciate for pointing out the importance of providing the total solution!

P.S: If you find any typos or grammatical errors in my content please do not hesitate to buzz me about it. I would really appreciate it cause I am human :)

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3 Responses to Copywriting: Our Thoughts & Experiences

  1. Lamaan says:

    Thank you for outlining the importance of content in web designing out of your experience. After reading this, I just brought some old designs of websites which I got my interest long ago to my mind and, imagined how bad they could have been if the right content were not included in them.

    I hope for more copies of strategies that are being used by the company from your experiences to get things right.

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