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All our mobile devices are Android except the iPad & Macs, ofcourse! Since Instagram have been released to Android the hype over here is enticing. Whenever we sight something interesting, it would be in Instagram in no time. Recently, we realized that these random stills are important aspects of Limopalm as they have become great memories of us which we could look back any time and smile. I have decided to include some noteworthy events through Instagram and share it all with you…

After months of planning, development & a lot of hardwork, Majlis Watch, one of the largest web applications we have developed so far was launched on 7th June 2012 at Traders Hotel. The event was organized by our client, MDN (Maldivian Democracy Network) for the launch of their 2011 Annual Report & Majlis Watch website. It was a successful event & project which we could not have achieved without the cooperative & hardworking team of MDN. Once again, we thank MDN for the awesome opportunity & ofcourse the awesome lunch :)

*Picture Credit of @sujuaan setting up the launch for Majlis Watch: HaveeruOnline

DhiTV News Publishing Application is the first internal application that we have published in our portfolio. The application now serves as the backbone of DhiTV News Management, connecting efficiently the gap between the writer & the news anchor with a few clicks. Once the development was completed we integrated the application in their server.

Just a few weeks ago we had our Business Cards printed. The colors & layout looks pretty much the same as the previous one, but the designs were changed to a more a trendy and casual look.

Coding, coding & coding… A lot! The past few weeks, All we had was coding in our atmosphere… Nights & days of coding as a few of our projects were to be released. @flashpixel and Shariz¬†have been working on projects together while Shamikh has been mostly working on javascript.

I have been working on several concepts & interface designs of ongoing projects. Working on designs have always been a time that I enjoy at Limopalm, specially with the coffee and feedbacks from my mates.

Work is not only what we do in Limopalm. We also have a lot of fun, specially during sprints. Football, BBQs, pizzas, bike rides & coffees are some of our past time activities.

Limopalm was featured on 2012′s Maldives Visiting Guide Issue under IT & Communications section. The entire design was crafted well & the guide helps us in many ways as an entire directory of everything important for a traveller. Thanks to Issey, Highrise & Maldives Publications :)

We’ve been having a a pet at Limopalm called Jameel (Means: Handsome) , a black & beautiful fighting fish. Jameel has a beautiful home with a ¬†money plant & he keeps us all smiling with his beauty & swirly swims.

All of us usually have a coffee together daily & we have a specific time dedicated for the coffee. We find these coffees quite effective as we have a series of discussions, either work related or not, here at Limopalm. Brainstorming sessions, concept planning, code discussions often takes place in these coffees.


Instagram has indeed become many smartphone users past time activity & favorite application. The unique filters & beautiful images generated pushes you to share every moment of your life. With those filters & effects, non of our images looks bad at all. We have decided to compile such images once in a while and share our experiences & memories with you. We will hopefully share another instances of Limopalm’s life in the near future.

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