Our Approach to Project Management

Keeping Track

Within the past few months we have developed our entire team to precede, process and deploy projects in a much more systematic and organized manner. It is with good practice only that we learnt the importance of proper management of websites and clients. Proper management of projects is vital and essential for a dedicated Web Design agency like us who works not only for ROI but also brand and reputation.

Our approach to project management entirely revolutionized as a result of various off going experiences in the past. With failures as stepping-stones, we developed our entire team to handle tasks effectively and efficiently to complete it on time. The utilization of project management skills has made it possible for us to distinguish an easy, successful project from a painful and unsatisfactory one.

Losing a single client is like losing an entire herd. Word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool and if we are not able to utilize it positively than the result could be exactly the negative. With the advent of growing number of competitive online presences the demand for a complete solution rather than just the component pieces of design and code by the client is essential. The Web Design industry in Maldives is growing immensely and together with it high quality and value is becoming a growing demand.

With the intention of proper project management we assigned a Project Manager for each project. That way, if we are handling multiple projects at a time, he or she will be entirely dedicated for the project. The Project Managers tasks include planning the phases, controlling the team and making them execute the tasks. The person assigned for a certain project is responsible for all the communications between Limopalm and the client. He or she acts as medium between the client and the developing team and is fully responsible to assign tasks for the developers and meeting deadlines for the client.

During the initiation for each project we analyze the duration and input required for the whole project. We, than calculate the time required for each characteristic and than divide it into phases for effective results. Project Managers responsible for each project is than required to set meetings with clients for progress reviews and brainstorming sessions. After the project is completed, he or she will be responsible for handling the entire project during the maintenance period.

With our new approach, we assure each and every client of us for effective solutions within the appropriate time and dedication from our entire team at Limopalm. It is not only what we desire but also our obligation to provide you with the complete solution that we could offer.

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4 Responses to Our Approach to Project Management

  1. Tony says:

    I’m curious, do you subscribe to any PM methodologies?


    • sujuaan says:

      Yes, Our project management methodology involves of basically Planning, Controlling, Executing and Deploying. Within these processes various other phases are also included depending upon the size of the project such as Maintenance & Growth for some projects which requires after sales service. However, our project management team still have so much to learn :)

  2. nighty dora jackson says:

    You guys improve day by day…

  3. Nicki Minaj says:

    Thanks for sharing this helpful info!

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