Team Spirit: Strengthening Our Perceptions

It has only been a few weeks since I have written our last post about three years of coding & designing. Since than team spirit have been at its peak within our team and a new team member Inash Zubair has joined us as a Programmer. Inash, commonly known as Inn is not a new face within our industry in Maldives. His experiences and service to the tech industry dates back to more than a decade. We also had a small gathering celebrating 3 Years of Limopalm after the last tech meetup held at Limopalm. Together with the joining of Inn, the hype of upcoming events & the growing pace of Limopalm, we got together several times to discuss on building us within the industry.


We always had interesting stuff in mind to practice, to grow excitement and boost our productivity. We did practice a few stuff before like weekly coffeeing & having productive discussions, by getting secluded from the day-to-day environment, interactions and even technology. However these were not enough as we, being proud & ambitious bunch of Limopalmians wanted to pace our growth together completely. Thus, a few ideas were proposed:

  • To include incentives and team building activities within our daily work life
  • To communicate more as we believe communication build up innovative ideas and effective solutions
  • To establish strategies for the growth of Limopalm and to take inspiration from other globally popular digital agencies


Well, there were a lot more propositions, however all of them somehow pointed out to the above three points. What remained was to set ahead goals and code of values we could carry out to achieve what we have proposed. Atlast we declared to:

  • Divide our weekdays for client work, incentives & growth of Limopalm
  • A half and our coffee session every day at Limopalm to discuss and share ideas
  • Organize sprints occasionally either to complete a project or a task
  • Give most of what we could to co-curricular activities & the community

Results, So Far…

Results since than have been overwhelming. The daily coffee sessions have indeed proven to be quite effective. It has helped to keep us updated about latest technology trends and what’s going within Limopalm. We now have time to discuss & plan out Limopalm, which resulted in prototyping the new Limopalm web, creating new products and structuring services. Some Limopalmians have already teamed up for the Hackathon as hackers and they are already proceeding planning and research while others are working as organizers together with a few other leading geeks of the industry.  Our entire team is participating every Saturday at the Tech Meetups session discussing on various topics related to the Tech Industry. And Today, we are having our first sprint at Limopalm focusing on completing all the pending projects. Teamwork have indeed brightened up what we have for now & built hope and enthusiasm for a better tomorrow.

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