We Need Responsive, Not Just Native!

We need Responsive, not just Native! The buzz about mobile devices outnumbering desktop devices is high over the Internet. We have been hearing it for days, and I believe that it would happen so. My say is not against Native or mobile devices, its about making applications responsive and how desktop will still prevail to hold a large amount of the time we spend for computing.

Computing now happens at many times beyond than just when we are sitting near our desks. It happens when we are walking, dining, coffeeing & even while we are in the restroom. That’s the entire point, which I am putting forward!. At work, we have desktops or laptops, tablets in the living room & smartphones while on the go and everywhere else. Thus we need a solution for each situation & each screen, which we would be utilizing.

The amount of time we spend for browsing in mobile devices might become higher than how much we spend on desktops. But what needs to be considered is, are we really able to do critical thinking with our mobile devices than with desktops? There are so many applications available on our mobile devices that we wish would also available on desktop devices, especially ones involved with productivity and managerial tasks. Sometimes it even becomes difficult for us, when a laptop or a desktop is not at reach for specific tasks.

Ubiquity is important in all aspects for majority of the applications to be highly successful & in the future it would be highly influential to create an experience mindful of all factors, physical and cultural. We can see that much of the applications that we use daily have ubiquity in all interfaces. Evernote, Dropbox, Skype, Twitter & Facebook are a few examples.

An infographic depicting the difference of responsive design and seperate mobile websites 

We, as designers often assume that User Interfaces will evolve immensely in the future as we go on. What we need to actually understand from our assumptions is that in reality, User Interfaces will mainly not be the aspect which would evolve, but vital growth and changes will take place in User Interaction & User Experience. Thus, the utilization of desktops will not diminish, instead how we interact could change immensely. We have seen how much change in User Interaction it has taken place in the past few years with arrival of mobile computing devices. Mac Os X Lion is a good example with many changes showing similarity to its sister iOs.

However, I do believe that there are certain applications due its features & characteristics could be made available alone on mobile or most of it’s features on mobile. For example, the Dhikr application that we developed recently could only be utilized on mobile as its features & characteristics do not suit itself to be available on desktop. Instagram is an application that we use daily & has become one of the most favored applications for many of us & most of its features are available on mobile alone. At the end, what we understand is, when we develop applications or when you want us to develop a website or an application it is important to plan out how it would interact in different interfaces & if required to make the application or website responsive in all means. Mobile alone is not the future, but Ubiquity is!

Listed below is an awesome talk given by Jonathan Smiley from Zurb, the Design Lead about Future being responsive which actually inspired me to write this post.

Airbrb: Tech Talk – Jonathan Smiley

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