Yonder Retreat Folhudhoo

5500 Square Feet


When Yonder Holidays assigned us the project of designing & construction of Yonder Retreat Folhudhoo the location was merely an old residential building, which was built a decade ago. We were to give the total solution for the project, which includes Woodworking, Landscaping, Masonry, Consultancy, Plumbing, and Electrical Wiring & Lighting.

With the initiation of the project we created wireframes of the current premises and discussed with the client in allocating the Lobby, Dining Area, Guest Rooms, Staff Area, Housekeeping, Kitchen and Storeroom. Once the plans and the wireframes were ready, we proceeded in researching on the concept by considering both the target markets and the exact product that Yonder Holidays is seeking to provide the guests. Their approach was more of a luxurious local retreat concept providing guests with an atmosphere, which portrays both the local traditional life in a modern hospitable ambience. Thus, we proposed the concept of a fusion of traditional woodworking with a modern air, which would be portrayed with lighting and miscellaneous designs.