From small scale renovatios to construction of buildings, Limopalm is well established in the industry to cater for all your construction and real estate requirements.


Pre-construction Services

Our team assists clients with preconstruction services from the very first stage of project overview to compiling final bids and contracts. We believe that our commitment in the preconstruction process is invaluable to delivering a high quality project economically with reliability.


With innovative minds, skilled engineers and expertise, we ensure that your construction needs are met with on time completion, consistency, excellence and client’s satisfaction. We plan thoroughly and evenly update each project’s cost and schedule while sustaining a close control of the project and taking advantage of efficiencies wherever possible.
With a selected and limited projects at a time, we ensure that resources are utilized evenly ensuring qualitative measures and commitment. With capabilities to perform concrete formwork, concrete placement, wood framing, rough carpentry and finish carpentry with our own crew we ensure that tight coordination and control while speeding up the progress.

Design Build

If you have an apartment, home, commercial space or any type of infrastructure that you would like to build up with our highly esteemed quality, professional and innovative design standards, we will be more than pleased to assist you. With a team full of expertise and insight in innovative and modern concepts and designs we assure you that our solution would be “one of a kind”

Real Estate

With a vision to provide our clients with the maximum solutions available, with our wide financial capability, we are offering you with investments to make home construction dream a reality. We are providing the following options and would be more than pleased to sit together with you and discuss the possibilities:

• Partial Equity: For clients who are unable to raise the full equity required for the bank loan we will be assisting you in attaining the bank loan by providing you the remaining equity on the condition that the construction contract be awarded to Limopalm along with a lease arrangement to pay back the equity invested by us.
• Full Equity: If you do not have any amount reserved or saved for your home construction, yet would like to go ahead with the construction as soon as possible, we will provide you with the full equity required in return for the construction contract and an arrangement to payback the equity in total with a lease agreement.